Nano Face Mask Rehabiq

Detailed description of Czech Disposable Nano Face Masks REHABIQ with 12 hours efficiency

The Czech disposable nano face mask Rehabiq is state-of-art that is very effective against the spread of viral infection. It provides maximum protection in both directions not only to those around, but also to those wearing it. Now, we can honestly say: “My Czech disposable Nano face mask Rehabiq protects me and you”. It is a light and comfortable face mask made of nanomaterial that really works!

The material used for the production of Nano Face Masks Rehabiq is truly unique and achieves incredible efficiency, therefor it is patented by the Industrial Property Office. The manufacturer of this material is a member of the Association of the Nanotechnology Industry of the Czech Republic. Our
Czech disposable Nano Face Masks have been tested and have CE Certification in the medical device class. It is also registered at State Institute for Drug Control in the Czech Republic. Our health- protecting Nano Face Masks are manufactured using robotic ultrasonic welding.

Breathing in a respirator is difficult for many people. The Rehabiq Nano Face Masks have excellent breathability (200 l / m2 / s) and breathing is much easier than in most commercially available masks or respirators. Another significant added value of Rehabiq disposable Nano Face Masks is the comfort to the skin around the nose and mouth. No unnecessary skin irritation or dermatitis will result from wearing the mask. It is suitable for people suffering from asthma and allergies who especially appreciate easy breathing.

A major problem with disposable face masks is their low efficiency and short time of usage. You can simply forget about this with the Czech disposable Nano Face Mask Rehabiq, since it is modern invention of science in health protection. The patented nano-fiber membrane captures up to 99.9 % of
viruses and bacteria making our face masks an excellent tool for protection against the coronavirus causing SARS2 COVID-19. The Czech disposable Nano Face Mask Rehabiq does not exactly contour the shape of the face as a respirator does but the material’s filtration efficiency is superior to respirators of the highest class FFP3.

With its high filtration efficiencyy and excellent breathability, these face masks are the best choice for all workers in production plants, services, offices, etc., as well as for everyday use. Rehabiq Nano Face Masks protect against viruses, bacteria, pollen, smog, allergens and fungi.

Our Face Masks have a guaranteed effectiveness of up to 12 hours allowing the consumer to use far less pieces, thus leading to less additional infectious waste burdening our planet.

The textile mask or a regular disposable face mask becomes wet and must be changed after 20 minutes of use. A Face Mask made of nanofibrous material does not lose its high degree of protection even after wetting. This means that there is no need to change our protective mask so often decreasing the possibility of secondary contamination.

The price for such an effective health protection tool is almost half that of the competition and cannot be compared at all with products imported from Asia.

The shapeable nose clip ensures comfortable wearing and increases the adhesion of the face mask to various types of faces. The mask is suitable for everyone thanks to the sufficiently long ear loaps and the three pleats located in the lower part of the masks can accomodate all sizes of mouths and jaw
lines. The size of the Rehabiq disposable Nano Face Mask is 90 x 175 mm.

This top Czech Face Mask with a nano-fiber membrane consists of three layers for maximum protection against viruses, bacteria, allergens and dust. A nano-fiber membrabe is placed between two layers of polypropylene laminate nonwoven fabric.

Face masks cannot be returned or replaced for hygienic reasons!


The Rehabiq Nano Face Mask is extremely safe because the filtration material is a nanofiber layer.
Regular protective respirators contain brittle borosilicate microfibers that can chip into sharp needle-
like particles during use. After inhalation, they settle in the lungs and have demonstrably negative
health effects (potentially even carcinogenic effects).

  • CE certification of Class I medical device
  • Development and production 100 % in the Czech Republic
  • Patented nanofiber technology
  • The effectivity confirmed by tests performed in Nelson Labs
  • Filtration efficiency for viruses and bacteria 99,9 %
  • Impermeable to allergens
  • Does not lose effectiveness by wetting
  • Skin comfort and ease breathing high breathability 200 l/m2 /s
  • Confirmed efficiency up to 12 hours
  • The best price for high quality protection

How to put on the disposable nano face mask:

  1. Clean your hands with soap and warm water, towel-dry your hands before touching the mask.
  2. Take the mask from the box.
  3. Pick up the mask by holding the ear loops making sure nose clip is at the top.
  4. Place the mask on your face and put the loop around each ear.
  5. Shape the nose clip according to your need.
  6. Align the bottom edge of the mask, it should cover the mouth and chin.
  7. Do not touch the mask while wearing it.

How to remove a face mask safely:

  1. Clean your hands with soap and warm water, towel-dry your hands before touching the mask.
  2. Avoid touching the front, potentialy contaminated side of the mask.
  3. Manipulate the mask by the ear loops only.
  4. Hold both of the ear loops, carefuly remove the loops from behind the ears and take off the mask.
  5. Dispose the used face mask.
  6. Clean your hands with soap and water

As the name prefix suggests, the basis is a nanofiber with a thickness of one billionth of a meter (10-9
m). In the case of these disposable nano face masks, the fibers are made of 99.9% polypropylene and
0.1% PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) with a base of non-woven fabric. All of these are processed into
the unique material AntiMicrobeWeb R.

The inventor and technologist of this material is Ing. Marcela Munzarová. Mrs. Munzarová has been
involved in nanotechnologies for more than 15 years and has even recieved the nickname “Nano
Lady” internationally. The development of the AntiMicrobeWeb R material took almost one year. The
fibers are arranged to form an effective mechanical barrier in the form of a membrane which has such
small openings that no larger particles, viruses or bacteria pass through. The material was tested with
Staphylococcus aureus. Staphylococcus is a bacterium with a diameter 0.7-1.2 μm (micrometer),
which is 700-1200 nanometers. Protection against viruses was tested with a bacteriophage with a
diameter of 174 nanometers (bacteriophages have a diameter 20-200 nanometers, viruses 20-300
nanometers). Nano face masks have shown to be reliable protection and impermeability of particles up
to 99.9 % in both tests. FFP3 respirators showed 98 % protection.