Rehabiq Aluminum Folding Rollator, lightweight

Detailed description - Rehabiq Aluminum Folding Rollator, lightweight

Rehabiq Aluminum Folding Rollator is a compensatory aid suitable for people with reduced mobility. This lightweight Walker provides the user with leg relief, support, and stability while walking. It is used for patients in post-traumatic conditions, after surgeries and for rehabilitation. The seat and the bag allow for easy transportation of small items.

The rollator has a foldable frame made of durable lightweight aluminum tubes with a treated surface, four fully rotatable wheels, safety breaks on the handles and practical bag. The front wheels are slightly larger to ensure higher safety and easier movement over small obstacles. The user’s comfort is enriched by a seat with a backrest and ergonomic height-adjustable handles. The rollator can be easily folded into a compact size.

Other parameters

Warranty:2 years
Height:79 – 92 cm
Seat height:54 cm
Width:55 cm
Length (back to front):65 cm
Seat size:45 x 25 cm
Wheel diameter:19 cm
Inside width:45 cm
Number of height positions:6
Weight capacity:136 kg
Product Weight:7,8 kg