Rehabiq Balance Pod

Why should you choose the Rehabiq Balance Pod?

  • Universal exercise tool designed for improving balance, body awareness, coordination, enhancing and maintaining fitness condition.
  • It does not contain any harmful substances.
  • Balance pod is safe and suitable for all age groups.
  • Can be placed the flat side up or down for varied levels of difficulty.
  • Half-ball shape with nubbed surface helps to stimulate the sole of the feet during exercise and is suitable for relaxing foot massage.
  • Effective exercise for strengthening of the upper / lower body, including the abdominal muscles.
  • Easy maintenance – wash with warm soapy water
  • Compact dimensions – suitable for home exercise or on the go.
  • Quality material and workmanship guarantees a long product life.

What is the Rehabiq Balance Pod used for?

  • Rehabilitation and sports (universal balance aid, both sides can be used)
  • Fun exercises for children, adults, and seniors (the pod has a nubbed-massage surface therefore it does not slip and is safe for fun exercise for all age groups)
  • Balance exercise (balance, maintain balance longer and strengthen your ankles, knees, and torso, as well as, ultimately, the whole body)
  • Strengthening (streamline conventional exercises with your own weight and utilize deep muscles)
  • Relaxing foot massage (the balance pod can be used for foot massage and, at the same time, as an ergonomic mat underfoot for healthier sitting).

Detailed product description - Rehabiq Balance Pod

A great exercise tool for children and adults. The Rehabiq Balance Pod is suitable for development and / or improvement of coordination, body awareness, rehabilitation and sensorimotor exercises, maintaining fitness condition or simply for home fitness exercises for strengthening the body. The shape with its nubbed surface is great for foot massage and the texture ensures proper grip against slippage.

You can effectively train your lower and upper body, as well as your abdominal muscles with the Rehabiq Balance Pod. You can arrange the pods with the flat side down for greater stability or with the flat side up to properly challenge your balance, giving you varied levels of difficulty. Exercising with a balance pod is a healthy way to eliminate back and joint pain, as well as stress relieve.

The compact dimension of Rehabiq Balance Pod allows it to be used anywhere. The stability can be changed easily by regulating the air pressure via a vent (needle pump).


Warranty:2 roky
Diameter:17 cm
Height:7,5 cm
Weight capacity:100 kg
Package:1 pod