Rehabiq Commode Chair, foldable

Detailed description - Rehabiq Commode Chair, foldable

The Rehabiq Commode Chair is intended for people who have difficulty using a regular toilet, and for people with reduced mobility or a physical handicap. The frame of this commode chair is foldable which allows it to be easily stored when not being used. The height of commode chair is adjustable to 5 different positions. It comes packed with a toilet bucket and lid.

Other parameters

Warranty:2 years
Height:76 – 87 cm
Width:52 cm
Length:48 cm
Seat height:43 – 54 cm
Seat width:39 cm
Seat Length (front to back):41 cm
Inside width:42 cm
Number of height positions:5
Weight capacity:100 kg
Product weight:3,5 kg