Rehabiq Four-point Folding Walker, 1 button

5 reasons to buy Rehabiq Four-Point Folding Walker

  • Light weight
  • High stability
  • Safety (4 support points, anti-slip rubber endings)
  • Adjustable height
  • Compact when folded

Detailed description - Rehabiq Four-Point Folding Walker, 1 button

A lightweight walker is a suitable aid for seniors and any person with limited mobility. As the name suggests, the walker is mainly used for safe short-distance movement outdoors and indoors.

When your legs no longer work as they should, or you have problems with the stability, the walker can make your daily activities much easier. The Rehabiq Four-Point Walker can be folded easily using just one safety button. It makes the walker compact and, therefore, does not take up unnecessary space during transport or when it is not being used. Maximum safety of walking is achieved by implementing four stable and high-adjustable legs (2.5 cm between each height setting) with anti-slip changeable rubber end cups and ergonomic handles ensuring stability below and above.

The Rehabiq Four-Point Folding Walker is used for walking and balance support by people with reduced mobility. Walking with a four-point walker provides support on both sides eliminating the risk of injury or falling. Our four-point walker is wide enough to provide you with the necessary support and long enough to give you comfortable space for the movement of your legs when walking. It also allows you unlimited movement in the comfort of your home (even in smaller interiors or 60 cm wide doorways).

In general, four-point walkers are especially suitable for shorter distances. It is necessary to slightly lift the whole walker to move it to the front before making the step. Using the walker becomes intuitive after just a short time.

Other parameters

Warranty:2 years
Height:80 – 98 cm
Width:59 cm
Length (back to front):47 cm
Inside width:43 cm
Dimensions of folded walker H x W x L:80 x 59 x 10 cm
Product Weight:2,3 kg
Weight capacity:110 kg
Number of height positions:8