Rehabiq Hanging Bathtub Seat

How to choose the Rehabiq Hanging Bathtub Seat?

  • It is important to choose a seat with the correct weight capacity
  • Doublecheck the inside width of your bathtub
  • Call us for more information if you are not sure about your choice

Detailed description - Rehabiq Hanging Bathtub Seat

The Rehabiq Hanging Bathtub Seat is a compensatory aid suitable for anyone for whom it is difficult or impossible to sit in the bathtub. People with reduced mobility need tools that help them improve their daily lives and independence. The hanging bathtub seat helps with daily hygiene routines. It is not only for people with problematic musculoskeletal systems, but it can also benefit seniors or people with reduced mobility, e.g., for those recovering from surgery. Complete or even a partial independence in caring for one’s personal hygiene is a very important. It can directly affect one’s mental state and health condition in general. The Rehabiq Hanging Bathtub Seat is a great choice if you are looking for stable platform to make showering or bathing easier and safer.

The higher seat position in the bathtub is more comfortable as it relieves the pressure in hip and knee joints and makes it easier to stand up. The height of the seat is 11 cm under the edge of the bathtub. The bathtub seat fits regular bathtubs (the width 51 – 63 cm) and is easy set into position.

This model is very stable as it does not have a telescopic frame. The frame is made of durable aluminum tubes with hard rubber at the endings which prevents slipping and damaging the bathtub surface. The seat is made of washable blow-molded plastic. The entire bathtub seat is low weight and has long service life.

Using this aid will make it easier to stand up and get of the bathtub. This seat is also suitable for a foot bath if a whole-body bath is not recommended.

Other parameters

Warranty:2 years
Seat width:41 cm
Seat Length (front to back):21 cm
Overall height:18 cm
Overall width:74 cm
Product Weight:1,1 kg
Weight capacity:150 kg