Rehabiq T-Shape Cane

Detailed description - Rehabiq T-Shape Cane

If your health condition does not allow you to walk smoothly and safely, a T-shape cane is one of the most commonly used compensatory aids. The right supporting walking cane should provide sufficient stability and it should partially or completely compensate for your weakened physical state. If you are looking for a lightweight, strong, and stable cane with adjustable height and an anatomical handle, then the Rehabiq T-Shape Cane is perfect for you.

Our T-shape cane provides sufficient support, as well as being an elegant accessory. This cane is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The bottom of the cane has changeable rubber cup that can be easily replaced when needed.

How to use the T-shape cane correctly?

  • Set the correct height of the cane (the correct height is when the handle reaches your wrist while your hand is slightly bended)
  • Always check the condition of the rubber cup at the bottom of your cane before use (the worn cup can result in instability and risk of slipping)
  • Put your hand on the handle with your forefinger pointing down along the body
  • Use the cane on the opposite side of your handicap
  • If you use the cane just to boost your confidence while walking, always lean on the stronger hand
  • Always carry part of your weight over to the cane while walking

Other parameters

Warranty:2 years
Length:67 – 90 cm
Product Weight:0,3 kg
Weight capacity:135 kg
Rubber leg ending cups:100 CTB/C (průměr: 16 mm)
Number of height positions:10